SN Colmcill Naofa joins over 500 Primary Schools nationwide saying ‘Yes’ to Languages!

May 11, 2022

By Darragh

Our 5th/6th class are taking part in the new Primary Language Sampler starting this Wednesday May 11th. The sampler module is a means for raising awareness among pupils of the range of languages used by their peers, in their schools and community. Over 500 schools nationwide are taking part and offering modules in a range of modern foreign languages and Irish Sign Language. The module will introduce the pupils to Spanish and be taught over a 6-week period during the normal school timetable.

Annette Heydon is delighted to be involved in sharing her language and experience with the pupils, having gained the skills while living/studying/travelling/working in Spain for a number of years.

We appreciate the importance of languages as a life skill, an opportunity for the pupils to think in a different way and build opportunities for the future. With a number languages being used by the pupils and staff at our school, this module really helps to build awareness and celebrate the diversity within the school and community.

The module is being rolled out over three terms, with the support of Languages Connect and PPLI (Post-Primary Languages Ireland), a unit of the Department of Education. A suite of resources has been produced including lesson plans for teachers and tutors and ‘Language Passports’ for all participating pupils to show their family and friend. Packs have been sent to participating schools to help support both the teaching and learning, but also awareness raising objectives of the module. More information regarding the modules, tutor expression of interest and supports are available at

Languages Connect promotes the personal, social, professional and economic benefits of foreign language skills to principals, teachers, guidance counsellors, parents and students. Funded by the Department of Education and facilitated by Post Primary Languages Ireland, as a key objective of the Languages Connect – Ireland’s for Foreign Languages in Education 2017 – 2026. For all the latest updates check out or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


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