Mr. Flynn’s Class Dojo

September 13, 2022

By Darragh

Here is a link to our class’s Class Dojo:

(You can download the Class Dojo app on Android or Apple Devices)

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Homework January 30th

English: My Read at Home: Read Page 65 answer the questions , Spellings Block 65. Irish: Leigh sa Bhaile: Read page 65 and answer the questions Learn your spellings and verb "Clois" Maths: 5th:  Page 35 Q5 and 7 6th: Page 45 Q1 and 4 Project on an African country...

Primary Science Fair

Primary Science Fair

On January 12th 6th class took part in the Primary Science Fair as part of BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS.  Their project was titled "Are breakfast cereals really that healthy for us?".