Homework December 7th

December 7, 2022

By Darragh

English: My Read at Home: Read Page 47 and answer the questions, Spellings Block 47

Irish: Leigh sa Bhaile: Read page 47 and answer the questions

Learn your spellings and verb “Eirigh”

Maths: 5th: Page 28 Q2  6th: Page 34 Q4

Music Generation €15, Learn your lines

Bring in Cereal Boxes and Toilet Roll inners




The sun’s shining bright, Ice-cream in my hand
Sand between my toes, bada bing bada bang.
Sunglasses on, ready to party
Dance till we drop, bada bing bada BOP!

Groove, move, groove bust-a-move
I’m in the groove, ‘bout to bust a move

Got money to spend, more than you can contend,
Waves crashing in; rock’n’roll begins
Castles made of sand, surrounding the band
Jump into the sea, come splash dance with me

All good things come to an end
But tomorrow it all starts again









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